Weekly sales, holiday discounts, coupons, there are so many ways to save a few dollars while spending. Rebates are no big secret but many consumers don’t know when or where to look for them. So many stores offer rebates on products and some of them, like Kohl’s, have the information readily available on their website where they list the items currently offering rebates, the rebate amount and how to redeem them. Aside from the big rebate items like appliances, there are also apps that offer rebates for the things you buy every day! $.25 here, $.50 there…it all adds up and why not get a little of that money back that you are already spending???

Here are some apps you might want to considering downloading before your next shopping trip.

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Ibotta offers rebates on many items you buy every week at the grocery store like cereal, eggs and produce at a wide variety of stores. The offers are reset every couple of days so it is possible to redeem a rebate multiple times a month, not to mention some items are eligible for up to 3 rebates on 1 receipt! Your receipt must be uploaded (via a picture of it) and most rebates require verification of the barcode.

There are also monthly bonuses on purchases and a referral bonus of $5 for each friend you refer who signs up. Cha-ching!

Like to shop online? Ibotta also offers rebate offers on retail such as Amazon, Target and Groupon if you shop using their mobile app.

You have two cash back options once you have reached the minimum $20 balance for withdrawal, PayPal or Venmo. If you prefer something shiny in your hand, you can opt for cash back on a gift card. There are countless options from Chili’s to Fandango to Lowe’s and so many more. Ibotta also often offers a bonus such as $2 extra on a particular gift card. Remember, this is all money back for money already spent! What a deal! is not just for coupon printing anymore, although they still have thousands if you wish to do so. However, they also offer digital coupons, coupon codes, cash back and rebates.

Loyalty coupons can be applied directly to your loyalty card if you submit the card number at This would only be beneficial if you don’t already use the store’s app for coupon clipping as they are the same coupons.  For all other stores, you can submit your receipt after your shopping trip to earn cash back via rebate offers which apply to your linked PayPal account.

Link your Visa or MasterCard to your account, add the offers through the website or app and earn cash back when you shop at participating restaurants and stores. It is THAT easy! The cash back is applied to your PayPal account.

Don’t forget to check out their promo codes when shopping online! That free shipping offer isn’t going to add itself!


Checkout51 works pretty similar to Ibotta except you can often use rebates more than once on one receipt and the offers get better the more you use them. You will earn more on the things you buy most often. Make sure you read the offer details before you try to redeem them because many of them are must buy 2 for the rebate offers. Unlike Ibotta, many of the rebates are store specific. Verify the store before you try to redeem.

This app will send you a physical check when you decide to cash out ($20 minimum).


Savingstar offers individual item rebates as well as “one or many” rebates. Individual offers are one time use to get money back on the item you bought, whereas the one or many offers allow you to accumulate a rebate by purchasing items at different times to work up to it. For example, from now until December 12th if you spend $15 on Barilla pasta, you get $5 back. That is a pretty cool feature! All offers can be linked to a stores loyalty card or you can upload your receipt after your shopping trip.

Once you accumulate $20 in rebates, you may cash out directly to your checking account, PayPal account or to a Starbucks gift code, iTunes gift code or AMC Theater gift code. If you’re feeling generous you can also opt to donate to American Forests.  Unfortunately, if your account is inactive for 180 days or more, the savings in your account will be charged $3.99/mo. So make sure you either cash out before quitting it or keep on saving!

Fetch Rewards

Fetch some savings with this fun little app. The rebates are for specific items, not specific stores so you have a little more freedom to shop where you like. Unlike some of the other rebate apps, Fetch Rewards doesn’t reward you with money right away, but instead you accumulate points which you can redeem for gift cards at hundreds of retailers. You can cash out once you reach 3,000 points or $3.


Now this one is a bit different than the others we’ve listed here. Like Fetch Rewards, you accumulate points (kicks) to be redeemed for e-gift cards; however there are some very unique aspects of this app.

For one, you can earn “kicks” by simply walking in the door of participating stores and opening the app or visiting a participating store online. You can also earn points by scanning products that you do not purchase. There are limits on how many of these can be redeemed per month so make sure you check your account before shopping to avoid any frustration.

You can submit receipts for purchases already made, link a Visa or MasterCard for linked card deals or shop through the app or online for “kicks” with online shopping.

There is also a referral bonus for inviting friends to join, 250 points per joined friend.


Not so much of a rebate app or website, Ebates is more of a discount by cash back program. Once you are a user, you can shop online at hundreds of retailers through the links on the Ebates website or in the app and receive a percent of your purchase back in cash. They also often have special promo codes you can use with the link for free shipping or an additional percent or dollar amount off.

Ebates rewards you with a big fat check every quarter regardless of your balance.

Sign up for Ebates here.


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